You’re welcome riders

Rare 2800 on a Center Block! Also notice HOW EMPTY THAT STREET IS. This is AM rush hour and no one is in sight.
Where’s my bus? Check for the latest schedules since they’ve been changing a lot since this craziness started.
Nobody on the bus. And don’t sit there. Or there. Or there.
You’re welcome Lake Oswego! Found this sign at the Lake Oswego Transit Center. There are other cool handmade ones all over the system. Thank you to the folks on King Road where the 33 goes and the folks on SE 17th where the 70 goes. Your signs rock too.
Not only has it been cool watching this house be restored and all the awesome colors they picked, but they put up an awesome sign too!



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Don Iler

Don Iler


I’m a public transit enthusiast in Portland, Oregon. I love public transportation, history and writing.